Buy This: Dog Food from Amazon

We're going to start off this site with a muffled whimper!   

If you have a dog, check the price of your dog food on Amazon.  If it's cheaper at Amazon, which I bet it is, start buying it there and save some money.  What follows is a two-year tale that led me to this tip. 
Dog Food!
I have two dogs.  While they're both relatively small, there are still two of them.  This means two mouths to feed, two vet trips to make, double the chewed up furniture, etc.  Double the love, but double the cost.  And no, it's not better to get two dogs because you think they'll entertain each other.  That's crazy talk.

Anyways, the pups eat Science Diet Small Bites because that's what our first veterinarian recommended and they're used to it.  At first, I would buy the food at a local PetSmart, paying about $33 plus tax for a 15 pound bag. Then I got smart.

I found   There, the same 15.5 pound bag of food was $29.99, plus a 5% rebate for a future purchase, free shipping, no tax, and another 2% rebate from a shopping portal.  What a steal, I thought!  However, sometime in the past 5 months or so, they raised their prices (now $32.49), raised their minimum purchase amount for free shipping, and eliminated the 5% rebate.  That didn't work for me, so I got smarter.!  Absolutely unreal!  There, they have my boys' food for $28.34 with free shipping (and prime eligibility).  Even better, since I know I go through one bag a month and like to have an extra bag on hand in the event of an emergency, I signed up for Subscribe and Save, which takes another 5% off in exchange for an automatic monthly shipment.  Combine that discount with no sales tax and the use of my Amazon credit card (basically 3% back on all Amazon purchases), I'm paying $26.15 a month for dog food.  

With a little research (and some mistakes along the way), I've managed to shave about 25%, equaling approximately $8 per month, off the cost of my dog food.  You can too.  Done.

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