Recently, after providing a neighbor completely unsolicited advice regarding where his family should stay when their house undergoes renovations, I realized I needed a better outlet to share all my worldly guidance.*  Where better than the Internet.

This site is about the things I do, what I buy/own, where/how I travel, what I cook, etc. Everything I'll tell you to do are things I personally do.  If I tell you to buy something, I own it.  If I tell you to use something, I make use of it.  You get the picture.

All my advice is based on first-hand experience, not formal expertise or topical education.  While I minored in economics, these were usually my lowest grades.  My financial advice is a mix of conventional wisdom and personal practices that have served me well over the past 15 years or so.  

I enjoy getting the best deal possible on purchases, even if it's a small percentage cheaper.  My belief is that the more pennies I save on everyday necessities like dog food and diapers, the more I have available to blow on impulse purchases like remote controlled toy helicopters.  Or, saved for big expenditures like a vacation, car, house, or emergency.

The same goes for efficiency. I want to do things quickly, but right.  The quicker chores get done, the more time left for playing with the family, dogs, or random, vulgar 12-year-olds on Xbox Live.  

In a word, my "tips" and "tricks" can be best described as: Sensible.  

Don't worry...skepticism is healthy.  You may know more than me or have an improved twist on one of my tips.  Great!  Leave a comment or send me an email and tell me where I'm wrong and how I can do better. In the end, I guarantee that at least one of my posts will  save you money, time, or enhance your life.  Just keep reading until it happens.

From time to time, you, the reader, may be lucky enough to get guest posts from other renowned advisers like my mom or a friend.  After all, this site is called Our Tips and Tricks.**  If you're interested in being a guest adviser, send me an email at OurTipsAndTricks1@gmail.com.

Finally, not all of my "tips" and "tricks" may be ideal for you and your situation.  If I tell you to purchase something that you can't afford, don't buy it.  If I tell you to grill scallops, don't eat them if you're allergic to shellfish.  Before following any of my advice, please read my legal disclaimer that I blatantly copied and pasted from another website.  All of it applies.

* It was a Residence Inn
** MyTipsAndTricks.com was already taken