Do This: Haggle with SiriusXM

*Ed. Note: I don't know why this old post is posting again.  This isn't an intentional repeat.  If I wanted to repeat a tip, it would be this

SiriusXM radio is a pretty good source of entertainment and provides a comprehensive selection of music, but it's far from a necessity.  Moreover, in my opinion, it is not worth the advertised cost of $14.49 or $17.99 a month.  

In my case, our car came with a free trial of SiriusXM.  Once the free trial was up, they wanted a total of $184.66 per year to continue the service.  At a little over $15 a month, that was simply not going to happen.  

So, I simply called their customer service department and told them I wasn't willing to pay $185.  

"Would I be interested in their service for $100 for a year?" they asked.  

"Unfortunately, no..." I responded. 

"How about $30 for five months of service, to give you time to reevaluate?' they countered.


I have now had this same conversation with SiriusXM about six times and continue to renew my subscription for $30 every five months.  They made me an offer I was willing to pay and I accepted it.

My guidance here is simple: If you're paying full price for SiriusXM, or any service provider like Comcast, etc., and feel that you're not getting good value, call them and speak to a customer service agent.  Explain your situation, and more often than not, this simple phone call can save you substantial money, and in their case, keep a happy customer. 


  1. you can get a lower price than $6 per month before they will let you get off the phone without a deal

    1. the lowest deal that siriusxm can give is 5 months for $20, but you have to say the magic word, "cancel"

  2. you can actually get free internet radio service for free, just go to trial, just type in some basic information and enter your email address, it does not subject to autorenewal, so you don't have to worry. after 1 month, just do the same thing, you'll save $14.99 monthly for standalone internet radio or $4.00 monthly for bundled with a paid subscription