Buy This: Inglesina Baby Table Chair

Now that the Our Tips and Tricks family returned from our first vacation with an infant, we have a few hot tips to share.  First up is to buy the Inglesina Fast Table Chair.  Even before our trip, this was one of the most useful baby gifts we received.  However, this trip secured a spot for the Inglesina in the Our Tips and Tricks Baby Gifts Hall of Fame.  At $47, it's a steal.
The Inglesina was already a permanent fixture on our dining table.
Simply, you can securely fasten the chair to most square-edge tables to feed and entertain a baby.  We successfully installed the seat on every restaurant table we visited.  When you're done eating, the Inglesina can be easily dismounted, folded, and packed under a stroller.  Even before the trip, we've been using it at home much more frequently than the big high chair.  Packing it for traveling is easy because it folds flat.

Other points that make the Inglesina either great for personal use or as a gift:

  • The cover is washable.  The instructions say to hand wash it, but I've been tossing it in the washing machine with no ill effects.  
  • It's offered by Amazon in ten different colors. 
  • Leaves no marks or indentations on tables.  
Finally, it's worth mentioning that I've had zero safety concerns using this chair.  However, make sure the seat is tightly fastened and don't leave your kid unattended, as always.

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