Do This: Log Into Your AT&T Wireless Account to See if the Price of Your Plan Dropped

If your cell phone carrier is AT&T, I recommend logging into your account at to see if the monthly price of your plan dropped.  If the price did decrease, it will literally take you two minutes to make your changes and save significant coin.  

AT&T Wireless: You Won't Get Any Complaints From Me
Yesterday, I logged in to change my auto-pay credit card's expiration date and, to my surprise, was immediately given an option to select a new price point for my shared mobile plan.  For the same plan of two iPhones with shared 2gb of data, unlimited calls, and unlimited texts, the price decreased from $140 to $90 a month.  For the exact same plan! Again, AT&T lowered the price of our plan by $50 a month and even gave me the option to back-date the change a month.  Yes, please!

I read about the price cuts a few weeks ago, but hadn't checked to see if the changes applied to me, a customer still under contract.  I assumed they wouldn't and boy was I wrong.  

I've never seen any service provider voluntarily offer a price reduction in such a customer-friendly manner.  Kudos to AT&T and apologies to its shareholders.  

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