Buy These: Zebra F-402 Ballpoint Pens

Today, I'm here to spread the gospel of the Zebra F-402 ballpoint pen.  This pen has changed my life for the better.  It feels solid and writes comfortably.  It looks clean and sophisticated.   While my handwriting is still illegible, it's at least crisp and smooth.  I'm never going back to my motley crew of swag pens.  

Masterpiece Drawn with the Mighty Zebra F-402
Although it's more expensive than a bic or the pen you stole from that waiter, Amazon has two-packs for $3.97.  Believe Mr. Our Tips and Tricks.  At $2.00 a pen, they're worth every penny.  Just be warned that you may find coworkers or family members "accidentally" walking off with them.



  2. Our team of dedicated writers just ran the Zebra F-402 ink through a series of rigorous tests to determine smudgability. The only time we had smudges was when we wrote with the pen at a 90 degree angle to the paper, causing a thicker beginning at the initial spot of contact with the paper. This initial marking will smudge if you don't give it time to dry. Based on testing results, the Our Tips and Tricks Team reaffirms two recommendations: 1) Buy this pen and 2) Turn off caps lock.