Do This: Earn Credit Card Rewards That Have Cash Value and/or Are Transferable to Multiple Frequent Traveler Programs

For those that missed it, yesterday United Airlines announced major changes to its frequent flyer program, MileaguePlus.  Essentially, starting in February 2014, United flights will now require more miles to book award flights.*  

Since I'm not interested in using miles to book first class, international travel, I don't find the changes as devastating as some other writers.  Nevertheless, these changes devalue United miles and are another example as to why you should not focus your spending on a credit card tied to a single frequent traveler program (e.g., the MileagePlus Explorer Card by Chase).**  Instead, as the post title states, you should use a credit card that earns rewards that have cash value and/or are transferable to multiple frequent traveler programs to substantially decrease your risk of frequent traveler program devaluations.

Readers of Our Tips and Tricks have already heard this tip in "Do This: Maximize Rewards Credit Card Use," but it warrants repeating.  If you do most of your household spending on a credit card tied to a sole frequent traveler program, go back, read the aforementioned post, and change your credit card.  Two easy recommendations are the Chase Sapphire Preferred and Barclay Arrival.

* The pre-devaluation award chart is here.  The new, much worse chart is here.
** I'm not providing a link to the Chase United card because: A) if you don't have already have it, don't get it, and B) If you already have it, cancel it and get a better credit card.  

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