Guest Adviser: Use OpenTable Reservations Every Time You Go Out to Eat

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Matt's Tips and Tricks: My mother told me never to turn down free money. With the wealth of redeemable point deals currently on the market, there are many opportunities to earn "free money" in the form of credit card points, frequent flier miles, and the like. 

Are you doing the same everytime you go out to eat?

OpenTable is another opportunity for you to earn free money and you should use it every time you eat outside your home

The deal is simple:

1) Sign up for a free online account at

2) When you make and honor an online reservation at any participating restaurant, 100 points are automatically awarded into your account. Special offers at participating restaurants can earn you up to 1,000 points in one visit.

Earn 2,000 points and get a free $20 gift certificate from OpenTable. Earn 10,000 points and get $100 free. 

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The trick is discipline. Going out for a quick bite at your local eatery that's always empty? Make a reservation with OpenTable. Heading out for drinks and think you might get food later? Make a reservation with OpenTable. Grabbing takeout and have a bit of time to kill? Make a reservation, sit down for a soda, pay your tab, get your carry out, and BAM...100 points. 

Free money is all around us if only we have the discipline to take advantage of it. 

Editor's Note: There can be good double- and triple-dip opportunities by combining OpenTable with Airline Dining Programs and restaurant category bonuses with credit cards.

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