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If you make regular, relatively large purchases of readily available products, you need to take the time to do a little research to get a good value, if not the best price.  A couple days ago I covered my two-year quest for the best dog food price.  Today, I'll regale you with my search for the cheapest diapers.

Anyways, Baby is quickly growing and recently moved from size N to size 1, so my hunt was on for Pampers size 1 Swaddlers.  With our diaper supply dwindling, I finally succumbed to, which meant I could use a targeted new customer coupon I received in the mail.  The result: 16.7 cents a diaper.  I think that's a good baseline for future diaper purchases. 

Before I get to the math, here's a quick review of my purchase: Easy and received my order less than 24 hours after purchasing.  No tax and free shipping.  BUT, I'm pretty sure their regular prices (without coupons) are more expensive than elsewhere.  Shopping portals provide 1-4% cash back and I received 2% back from Ultimate Rewards. That extra 2% was a bit of a surprise because normally coupons negate the cash back portal bonus.  Anyways, on to the math:

Pampers Size 1 (234 count)
$49.99 - $10 off coupon on case of diapers (JULY12SIM) - $.80 in points + $0 tax and shipping = $39.19 or 16.7 cents a diaper

 The Most I Will Pay Per Diaper

Simply, the most I will pay per diaper is 19 cents at the neighborhood BJ's.  That's the per diaper cost based on buying a case of 234 Size 1's for $42.99 + sales tax.  However, since BJ's accepts manufacturer's coupons, not to mention their own, I should be able to easily lower that per diaper cost with a coupon or two. regularly has $1.50 off coupons.*  Perhaps I could match or beat my purchase with the right coupons. 

For a little more perspective, a "jumbo" pack of 40 Pampers size 1's at CVS costs $11.99 + tax, equaling over 31 cents a diaper.  Even after using a 25% off coupon, each diaper would still run over 23 cents per diaper.  You're a sucker if you regularly buy diapers at CVS (but I'll let it slide if it's an urgent situation).  Even Amazon wants 20 cents per diaper.**

Anyone know how to regularly purchase Pampers diapers at a cheaper per diaper cost?  Perhaps BJ's plus a coupon or 2 is my best bet...

*Caveat - I've used coupons, but don't completely trust the site because they make you download software to print the coupons.  It's supposedly safe, but I only downloaded it on my dying, play computer.  Decide for yourself whether saving a couple bucks with these coupons is worth the risk of malware, hacking, the rapture, etc.
**In the case of diapers, Subscribe and Save from Amazon for an extra 5% off is a no-go because of babies' tendency to grow out of diapers quickly.  The last thing I need is a closet full of 200 diapers that are suddenly too small.

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