Find This: Cheapest Diapers (Update)

In one of my earliest tips, I wrote about my quest for the cheapest Pampers diapers. I'm now ready to declare success and close the book on this topic.  The short answer is: 1) BJ's with coupons or 2) Amazon if you don't have BJ's coupons (or BJ's membership altogether).

A couple few notes before I begin:
  • It looks like diapers get more expensive per diaper as the size increases.  The price of a box seems to stay the same, but the number of diapers included decreases.  This means I can't compare the price per diaper across different sizes or maintain a static target diaper price as Baby continues to grow.  Who knew.
  • This tip is based on normal, day-to-day pricing.  I'm sure there are occasions when the stars align to create better deals.  Unfortunately, parents don't have the luxury of time when the diaper supply runs low.
  • It also turns out diapers aren't taxed in VA, so that's not a variable (for me) when comparing online to in-store purchases.  Diapers are indeed taxed in VA (6% I believe). I just got lucky last weekend and unknowingly stumbled upon a Viriginia sales tax holiday.  
Baby is about 80% through our box of Size 1s and has almost outgrown them, so I just purchased a box of 186 size 2 Pampers Swaddlers at BJs.  Regularly priced $42.99, I used a $5 off coupon from the monthly BJ's circular coupled with a $1.50 off coupon from to attain a final price of $36.49 or 19.6 cents per diaper.  With sales tax, I think this would have cost 38.68 or 20.8 cents per diaper.  

Since the sales tax holiday is over, I'll use the 20.8 cents per diaper figure to compare BJ's to other popular options:
  • Amazon: $46.99 for a box of 204 diapers.  With free shipping and no tax, this option costs 23 cents per diaper.*  If you use the Amazon Visa to get 3% back from Amazon (vs. 2% on the credit card I used at BJ's), you'll stretch the savings by an extra 1%.  At 23 cents per diaper, that makes Amazon a close second behind BJ's with coupons and a less expensive option than BJ's without coupons, which will cost you 24.5 cents per diaper after tax.  Update: As of the evening of August 7, Amazon has an easily usable $1.50 off coupon, which takes the price down to $45.49 or 22.3 cents per diaper.
  • $44.99 for a box of 160 diapers.  After taking off an additional $1.50 using a check-the-box eCoupon, that's still 27 cents a diaper.  This site may only have a respectable deal if you're using a new customer coupon.  But they have a great website name...
  • CVS: I'm not going to even waste my time.  

That's it!  No more writing about diapers unless someone tells me how I can do better than BJ's with coupons or Amazon. 

*Again, I recommend not trying Subscribe and Save because if you forget to cancel it, you'll likely be stuck with a couple hundred diapers that you're baby has outgrown.  

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