Consider This: If Buying the New iPhone

As requested by one of our Canadian readers, you should consider the following money saving tips if you plan to buy the new iPhone 5s or 5c:
  • Craigslist: Use Craigslist to post and sell your old phone.  I've done this every time I upgrade my phone and would assume I could get around the cost of the new iPhone for my iPhone 4s.  You could also use eBay, but than you'll have to pay seller fees and deal with shipping.  If you use Craigslist, be careful, don't post your phone number, use an anonymous email address, and meet the person in a public, populated place when you make your sale.    
  • Wipe Old Phone: If you sell your old phone, be sure to completely wipe your information from it.  To erase an iPhone, you can find instructions here.  
  • Cash Back Portals: Use a cash back rebate portal like Mr. Rebates or Big Crumbs if you make your iPhone purchase online.  For instance, you can earn 1% cash back on purchases from Apple if you use Mr. Rebates.  If you want more information on cash back portals, read here.
  • Credit Card Extended Warranty Benefit: Use a credit card, like an American Express or the Chase Sapphire Preferred, that provides an extended warranty beyond the original manufacturer's coverage.  I've never cracked my screen, but I'm sure we all know someone who has.  
  • Target: If you don't have a credit card that provides an extended warranty, you could use a Target REDcard.  While you can't buy the new iPhone from target online, you can buy it at a Target store.  If you use your Target REDcard debit card or credit card, you'll immediately save 5% on your purchase. 
Have another tip for a potential iPhone buyer?  If so, leave a comment!

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