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The following is another tip to add to our ten considerations for home improvement projects.  If you need window treatments (e.g., blinds), buy them from Not only are window treatments significantly less expensive than Home Depot, but they are also fully cut to order, which is a significant time saver.
88" x 16" Faux Wood Blinds from
Why for Window Treatments
  • For the same quality, is significantly less expensive than Home Depot.  Furthermore, you can use Mr. Rebates (3%) or Big Crumbs (3.5%) to get a cash rebate on your order.  I successfully double-dipped a cash back rebate with a coupon code.  
  • Instructions for taking measurements are provided and ordering is easy. Not to pick on Home Depot, but the Select Blinds process is less time consuming.  If you make a mistake measuring, they'll correct your mistake for free.
  • The blinds are fully cut to order. That means the both the length and height are cut to your specifications.  While Home Depot will cut the blinds lengthwise, it's an at-home, ugly, and time intensive process to remove slats and cut cords so that the blinds' height match your window.  However, when you order from Select Blinds, you specify the window's height so the blinds (and cord) are cut to your specification.  Believe me when I tell you this is a HUGE time-saver during installation.  This point cannot be emphasized enough.  
Height and Cord Cut to Specification
  • They have a large selection of window treatments.  Notably, they made me 88 inch-long blinds, when Home Depot maxed out at 72 inches. 
  • Their customer service is great. My father didn't like the type of valance that was included in his order of about twenty sets of blinds.  In response to his phone call, Select Blinds sent him a different style valance for his entire order free-of-charge.  
  • Recommendation based on my father's experience above: If you're buying window treatments for a lot of windows, I recommend initially ordering blinds for just one window to ensure you're purchasing the desired quality and style.  They have a large selection and the differences among the various options (e.g., express, priority, premium, select) are unclear.  After you receive your initial order and confirm you're purchasing the desired style, make your complete order.  This may be a good lesson for all bulk online purchases.  
  • They offer free shipping with no minimum purchase.  I wasn't charged tax when I made my purchase, but I don't know if that's changed due to recent Virginia legislation.
Bottom Line: If you need window treatments, you should consider, especially if you're interested in saving money and time.

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  1. Mr.OTAT, this is a fabulous tip. And there's a sale on the site this weekend. Merci beaucoup!