Read This: Our Tips and Tricks Power Ranking

To celebrate Our Tips And Tricks' 80th day in existence anniversary, we present a Power Ranking of of our top 10 tips and tricks.  If you haven't read these tips, you should.
  1. "Stretching" Your Spending series of articles.  So good we compiled them all in a primer.  Follow these simple tips by signing up for an airline dining program, using cash back portals for online purchases, and maximizing credit card rewards.  A recent study conducted by shows that not following these tips costs American consumers $3.5 billion per year.*
  2. Replace Your Incandescent Light Bulbs with LEDs.  Good long-term, home investment tip.  Depending on how many bulbs you replace, the decrease in your energy bill can be noticeable.
  3. Hang Ikea Ribba Frames Easily.  Genius, original Our Tips and Tricks fix to a problem.  Gets a lot of love via Google searches.
  4. Panasonic FlashXpress Toaster Oven.  Fantastic toaster oven.
  5. Target REDcard Debit Card.  Save 5% on all Target purchases without a hard credit inquiry.
  6. Let's Dish.  Includes an exclusive, Our Tips and Tricks coupon code for $10 off and free cookies.
  7. Tips for Home Improvement Projects.  Some good stuff here.  Learn from my mistakes.
  8. Window Blinds from  A good tip that should have been included in the original top tips for home improvement projects.  
  9. Avoid Credit Card Annual Fees.  Too many people I know needlessly pay their credit card annual fees. Don't be another victim.
  10. Price Protection and Other Credit Card Benefits.  Knowing your credit card benefits can save you some serious money.  
* Study may have no basis in reality and may be fictional.

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